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General Survey Notes
  The following general notes apply to all our survey maps:  

1. COPYRIGHT (c) 2016 SALTER ENGINEERING & SURVEYING, INC. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This survey map is only certified to the specific parties named in the Surveyor's Certification. Unauthorized use and/or reproduction is prohibited. Liability is not transferable. Under no circumstances shall this survey map be filed in the public records.  

2. Information shown concerning adjacent properties was obtained from the County Appraisal District, or another source, and is not guaranteed to be accurate or current.  

3. The surveyor did not conduct an independent title search; therefore there may be matters, recorded or unrecorded, that affect the title to or restrict the use or development of the subject property that are not shown on this map.  

4. Map symbols are shown in a schematic fashion. Every attempt was made to place them in their correct location, but there may be some cases where a symbol or symbols were moved from their correct locations in order to reduce map clutter and ease the reading and understanding of the survey map.  

5. This survey map may be a revision or an update of a previous survey map for this property. If so, any and all previous versions are immediately null and void.  

6. The Flood Statement is (1) based on currently available information that is subject to change, (2) does not imply that the property and the structures thereon shall be free from flooding or flood damage, and (3) shall not create any liability on the part of the surveyor.  

7. All statements within the certification, and other references located elsewhere on this survey map, related to utilities, improvements, structures, buildings, party walls, parking, easements, servitudes, and encroachments are based solely on above-ground observations of the visible evidence, unless another source of the information is specifically identified.  

8. In cases where multiple easements, setback lines, or other restrictions exist for the same portion of the subject property, the most restrictive will be shown.  



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